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At the Smilemed clinic you will receive the best medical services from passionate dentists, in specialized and fully equipped dentist offices.

Smilemed offers the full range of treatments starting from regular check ups to simple dental procedures and the most advanced and specialized dental services..


Odontology is a dentistry branch that handles the treatment of the cavities and dental pains.

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Endodontics is the part od dentistry wich involoves root canal treatment.

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Dental prothetics is an important branch of the dentistry and handles the restructure of the teeth through prothetic work.

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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of the dentistry which deals with the specific treatment of milk teeth and permanent teeth.

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Orthodontics is the dentistry specializing in straightening your teeth.

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Periodontology treats the tissues affections and those of the bone which surrounds and holds the teeth.

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Aesthetic dentistry

The most important things which draw our attention when we talk with a person are the eyes and of course the smile.

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Prophylaxis refers to those measures taken in order to prevent diseases and health problems.

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Surgery and implantology

In the practice of modern dentistry, the teeth are pulled out only in extreme cases, when the therapeutic treatment fails to have success.

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Dental radiology

Dental radiology services help to diagnose teeth problems correctly (cavities, tooth root infections, severity or age of the infections, etc.) and also to design the treatment plan for othodontic appliance.

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Concentration relaxing

Fear of the dentist is a very common problem. Approximately 15% of Americans and 36% of Britons say they avoided visiting the dentist for this reason.

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