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Surgery and implantology

In the practice of modern dentistry, the teeth are pulled out only in extreme cases, when the therapeutic treatment fails to have success.

  • Teeth extractions
  • Periodontal surgical procedures
  • Apical resection
  • Odontectomy
  • Cystectomy

In modern dentistry dental implants have become more a necessity than a luxury procedure.

Nowadays, it is natural to consider implants as an option when conceiving treatment plans and clinical cases handling.

Starting from one tooth restoration to more complex bridges and implants based prosthetics, implants often prove to be the ideal solution both for the dentist and patient.

Not everyone can benefit from using the implants. Here are couple of situations that are incompatible with implants option:

  • prolonged treatment with immune-supressors
  • lupus
  • leukemia, hemofilia
  • regional and metastatic tumours
  • severe psychological disorders
  • immune-deficiencies disorders

It's important to keep in mind that implants need a 4-6 months period for osteo-integration after placing before teeth can be completely restored.

The Surgery and Implantology specialists of Smilemed dental clinic

Dr. Lucian Chirila
Dr. Florin Lazarescu
Dr. Mihaela Radulescu

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