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Smilemed is a young team trained in modern dentistry who constantly seeks to be up-to-date with the latest research and treatment methods, attending international courses and congresses.

meet smilemed team

Dr.Cristina CristeaParadontologist specialist

Professional Experience

2013- present: Trident Dental Esthetic Clinic- Specialist in Periodontics
2013-present: Smilemed Dental Clinic- Specialist in Periodontics
2010-present: Private Practice Limited to Periodontics and Dental Implants
2006-2009: General Dental Practice


2010-2013- Specialist Periodontist(M.S.) –Residency in Periodontics, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Dental University Hospital “Dan Theodorescu”, Bucharest

2006- 2007 Competence in Oral Implantology, U.M.F. Carol Davila , Bucharest

2000- 2006 Dentistry degree( D.D.S.), Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy , Faculty of Dental Medicine, Bucharest

1996- 2000 Mihai Viteazul National College, Bucharest

Additional informations

Post-graduation training:

  • EuroPerio Congress- 3-6 june 2015, London, UK
  • International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry- 14-16 mai 2015, Bucharest
  • Soft Tissue Plastic Surgery in the Aesthetic Areas of the Mouth: Management of Gingival defects around Teeth and Implants- 18-19 march 2015, Bucharest- Lecturer Prof. Dr. Giovanni Zucchelli
  • Soft Tissue Management-Lecture/Hands-On Course- Module 1- For Bone Augmentation, Module 2-For the Aesthetic Zone, Module 3- Prosthetic Soft tissue Development- 5-10 january 2015, Steigmann Implant Institute, Neckargemund, Germany-Lecturer Dr. Med. Dent. U.M.F. Neumarkt Marius Steigmann
  • Orthodontic Oral Surgery- 21-23 november 2014, Cluj-Napoca-Lecturer Dr. Inigo Sada
  • International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry – 15-16 mai 2014, Bucharest
  • First International Perio-Transylvania Symposium- 10-12 april 2014, Sibiu- Lecturers Prof. Dr. Anton Sculean, Prof. Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos, Prof. Dr. Alpdogan Kantarci, Dr. Raluca Cosgarea
  • Periodontal Surgery: GBR si GTR (Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration)- 20 september 2013, Bucharest-Lecturer Dr. Roberto Rossi
  • Master Course in Regenerative and Esthetic Periodontal Therapy- january 2013, University of Bern, Switzerland
  • Modern Concepts of surgical therapy for periodontal disease -18-19 mai 2013, Bucuresti –Lecturers Prof.Dr. Horia Traian Dumitriu, Prof. Dr. Moshe Goldstein DMD
  • Periodontic Treatment: Advanced Techniques and Multidisciplinarity – 24-26 november 2012, Cluj-Napoca- Lecturer Dr. Inigo Sada
  • First International Congress of The Romanian Society of Prosthetic Dentistry- 3-6 october 2012, Bucharest
  • 7th National Conference of Periodontology – 3-6 october 2012, Bucharest
  • An interdisciplinary approach to complex orthodontic-periodontal clinical situations in adult cases: role of orthodontics– 3-4 june 2011, Timisoara- Lecturer Dr. Paul Mattout
  • General principles of surgical techniques for periodontal surgery- 4 march 2011, Bucharest-Lecturer Prof Dr Andre Saadoun
  • General principles of surgical techniques for periodontal surgery (Hands-on) – 5 march 2011, Bucharest-Lecturer Prof Dr Andre Saadoun
  • Modern concepts of treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease- 14-15 mai 2011, Bucharest- Lecturers Prof. Dr. H.T. Dumitriu, Sef Lucr. Dr. Malita Cinel
  • Non- surgical periodontal therapy. Conventional surgical periodontal therapy- 7 october 2010 , Bucharest-Lecturer Dr. h.c Anton Sculean M.S.
  • Regenerative periodontal therapy -8 october 2010 , Bucharest-Lecturer Dr. h.c Anton Sculean M.S.
  • Plastic-esthetic periodontal surgery -9 october 2010 , Bucharest-Lecturer Dr. h.c Anton Sculean M.S.
  • Modern concepts in periodontal regenerative surgery- 25 september 2010, Bucharest-Lecturer Sef Lucr. Dr. Malita Cinel
  • 10 years anniversary of the “Actualitati Stomatologice” Journal; Adverse Drug interactions in Dentistry – 02 july 2010, Bucharest
  • Considerations in treatment planning of the complex Perio-Orthodontic pacient- 9 mai 2010, Bucharest- Lecturer Prof. Dr. H.T. Dumitriu
  • Modern concepts of diagnostic and treatment plan of periodontal disease- 8 mai 2010, Bucharest- Lecturers Prof. Dr. H.T. Dumitriu, Sef Lucr. Dr. Malita Cinel
  • 3rd National Conference of Periodontology – 8-11 october 2008- Bucharest
  • Diagnostic and treatment plan for gingival enlargement ( hyperplasia)- 04 mai 2007-Lecturer Conf. Dr, Anca Dumitriu
  • European Society of Aesthetic Dentistry-reunion of SSER and ESED-7-9 october 2004 Bucharest

Member of Professional Organization:

  • 2006-present Romanian Dentists College- Bucharest (CMDB)
  • 2004-present The Romanian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (SSER)
  • 2010- present The Romanian Society of Periodontology (S.R.P.)