dental radiology

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Dental radiology

Dental radiology services help to diagnose teeth problems correctly (cavities, tooth root infections, severity or age of the infections, etc.) and also to design the treatment plan for othodontic appliance.

ORALIX radiological device is a product of Dentsply company (Italy), a company with tradition in dentistry, which gained the dental market through outstanding quality of it's products.

The X-ray device is equipped with technical enhancements of generation from year 2002, tested in the most rigorous conditions for measuring radioactivity, providing the highest quality standards, ISO 9001 certified.

It offers high-resolution images that allow to perform a complete imagistic diagnosis such as:

  • Dental status
  • Bite-wing film
  • Retroalveolar radiographs
  • Individual periapical radiographs
  • The device can be affixed to the wall, the flexible bracket making possible to perform the radiodiagnosis even sitting on the dental chair during the treatment.

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