Dental fear: why it appears and how you treat it

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Anxiety is common among patients which are preparing to visit a dental office. Regardless of severity of dental problems, anxiety occurs and, in some cases, it so intense that the patient tends to avoid the dentist even when he has serious problems.

Dental phobia is a very real problem, therefore must be treated early so that it does not affect other areas of the patient's health. Dental fear is a very common problem. Approximately 15% of Americans and 36% of Britons say that they avoid seeing a dentist because of this reason. First of all, we should make some distinction between anxiety and fear. Even if many people believe they are the same, they are actually very different. People who suffer from anxiety feel restless from the moment they make the appointment to the dentist. They have exaggerated and unfounded fears, they are sure they will experience pain. Even if dental procedures are mostly painless nowadays.

On the other hand, those who suffer from phobia experience higher levels of fear. They have panic attacks, they are terrified, their heart rate changes. It’s possible that they may not sleep the night before the dental visit or they feel unwell while waiting to enter dentist's office. Simple seeing or hearing the dental tools, like milling machine, may fuel the phobia.


  • Pain is the most common reason of dental fear. Studies show that people aged over 24 specify pain among the most important causes that keep them away from the dental office. But this is due to older techniques. Currently dental medicine is not painful at all.
  • Loss of control is mentioned also among factors of dentist phobia, but also feeling of embarrassment. Many people think that exposure of damaged teeth will affect their self-esteem and, moreover, dental treatments involves intimate contact with the doctor. This can make many people feel uncomfortable.

All these causes can be treated. Medicine has evolved sufficiently to make dentist's experience painless. It is important to know that avoiding dental treatments can lead to serious health problems and, in general, people who do not go to a dentist have a lower life expectancy. Therefore, it is important to share with your doctor all your fears, to explain the symptoms so that he can choose the right treatment for you.

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