#Interview – Dr. Ionut Musat

A little bit introverted, but with a touch of sensitivity that becomes obvious just when it’s the case, Dr. Musat answered enthusiastic our questions, just as he practiced his profession. What did we find out? Please, read the lines below:

  1.  What are you afraid of?

I’m not a fearful person and the fear is just not part of my life.

2. Tell me about your job, when did you decide to become a dentist? And why?

From my childhood, I went with my mother to a dental office (she was a dentist, too). I was watching carefully everything she did and I started to like it a lot. I still like very much this profession and, even more, I like my specialty. In addition, since I met Florin (Dr. Lazarescu) I have learned a lot and challenges are occurring practically every minute of every day, which makes everything so exciting.

3.Tell me about your mother.

She was an extraordinary woman, she assumed all domestic tasks, she “sponsored us”; we discussed cases and she always asked for my opinion from professional point of view, and that was great for me; It was her way of showing me confidence and pride.

We had a very close relationship, I was the firstborn. I have a little sister, too, who is a pharmacist. My mother, being a Taurus, probably knew from my birth on, that I will be a dentist (he laughs loudly!). And she guided me in such manner then, at the time I was supposed to choose my profession, this was everything I wanted, not anything else. She inspired me with as much love for dentistry, so everything happened naturally. I never felt compelled to do that …



4. What qualities would an ideal colleague have?

I never met anyone with an ideal ability, I like to interact with people. I do not have a ”Proust’s bed”.

5.. What are you passionate about?

I am running marathons, but I didn’t find enough time I need. I missed this season which started in January. BUT I’ll resume running marathons stating next year, I’m already training for that.

6. What is the most difficult task for a dentist?

I passionately practice both sport and dentistry, and I can not say that I face really difficult times. Instead, getting closer to the patient can be considered a challenge because it is very important and difficult to do, and if you manage to establish a communication channel, the case could be considered as resolved;

I think there must be a bilateral agreement … a chemistry between the doctor and the patient: I have to make myself clear about the maneuvers/interventions which are needed and the patient has to indicate his/her expectation; As long as there is a bilateral trust, the problems could be considered as resolved. This is the reason why on our first meeting I interact very long with the patient before I actually start to work.

7. How do you think your colleagues perceive you? How would you like them to perceive you, do you care?

I would like to think that they perceive me exactly as I am, that means someone who is passionate about his/her job. Generally, I do not like to mix my personal and professional life, with one exception: Florin, whom I consider him as a friend, a bigger brother who supported me unconditionally, even financially when I needed. I’ve known him for 12 years, he basically shaped me as a dentist.

8. Do you remember your first job? Could you please give more details on it?

When I was in college, I worked during summers in my mother’s dental office, as an assistant. I was helping her and I was able to observe what she was doing and how she was interacting with patients.

Okay, I was working during summer vacation as an assistant, I was cleaning the instruments-because the summer practice had to be done. But those were my first contacts with the patients.

This helped me a lot: in this way, I learned to appreciate the nursesjob. A nurse is my colleague–she is not inferior to me, this is how they could be perceived sometimes, but we are all together part of the team! At the human level, that counts a lot!

9. Tell us about your first patient.

My first patient was a gentleman at the age of 40, very calm, warm, who had a great confidence in me, despite the fact I was very nervous and whom I will never forget because of this.

10. What was the most spectacular story that comes to your mind when thinking of your professional experience?

My first patient was a young, uncooperative patient about 9 years ago. He received dental care under sedation because of a severe infection at lower incisors. He was scared and anxious, like all 12-13 years old kids,-but he had a very serious problem.

He couldn’t stand the idea of anesthesia-it made him physically sick.

Since we didn’t have any psychologist at that time, we I chose the inhaled sedation, and after that, we had no more problems; On the contrary: we got close to each other because he realized that he has nothing to fear-and the case got closed very nicely.

11.What is the greatest personal story?

It’s about to happen.

12. How are you as a patient? Are you afraid of the dentist?

I am docile and cooperative. I trust my colleagues.

13. How was your first experience at the dentist? Would you like to share it?

It was a very unpleasant experience. It happened when I was in the second class and everyone had to go to the school dental office for a checkup. The school doctors replaced some fillings (without having anesthesia!) made of a new material brought from Germany that I got from my mother with amalgam fillings. That is, they replaced a state of the art dental material with an old one, which caused me also a terrible pain!

14. What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would like to continue to do things that I enjoy, in this clinic, together with my colleagues.