The truth about breastfeeding and dental anesthesia  

One of the biggest problems while being pregnant and lactating is that the mothers are afraid to go to the dentist, because they think that the anesthesia is contraindicated.

Expert studies have shown that there is no danger for the pregnant women to go to the dentist. It is actually recommanded, considering that both the pregnancy and the lactation requires a high amount of resources from the organism. Also, if you are planning to lactate your child for 2-3 years, that would a to long period for not having a dental treatment. Whether we’re talking about tooth fillings, extractions or teeth bleaching, the used substances will get into the breast milk in small quantities and they will be eliminated in just few hours.

Otherwise, pain killing medication which you would have to take in order to alleviate the pain would actually be more dangerous for the baby. Routine interventions, as dental fillings, scaling or bleaching, don’t require injectable anesthesia, but only a local one. Lidocaine or novocaine, the most frequently used, are allowed during lactation.

In more complicated dental procedures, extractions, resections, etc., the doctor may recommend, depending on the child’s age, to breastfeed before performing the medical procedure, and then 4 to 6 hours after anesthesia. And in the mean time, the baby can have expressed milk, and if baby food diversification already begun, there is no problem of postponing breastfeeding.


Analgesics which are considered safe during breastfeeding are: acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Codein, methadone, morphine are classified as moderately safe, and it is best to avoid them. Antibiotics which are allowed during breast-feeding are: amoxicillin, ciprofloxacin, gentamicin, kanamycin, penicillin, steptomycin, tetracycline. Even if this medicines can be administered, do not take them without asking your doctor. He/she can give you valuable information about the dose and frequency of administration, so you will not have any problem and your baby will not be affected.


Dr. Andreea Bedreaga

Dentist, Smilemed Clinic

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